California Deluxe Windows | Investment-Grade Replacement Windows and Door Design, Manufacturing, and Vinyl Window Installation

At California Deluxe Windows, we are committed to offering you replacement windows and doors installation with the finest craftsmanship and the highest quality materials, backed by the strongest lifetime warranty in the business.

The Top 7 Reasons Customers Say They Chose California Deluxe Windows

(Results were recorded from a poll we conducted using post installation completion forms from 1/1/2013 to 1/1/2014)


1. We Eliminate the worry of breaking stucco with a new window installation and completely remove the old window and door frames unlike retrofit installations.


2. Energy efficient windows and doors keep out 95% of the heat entering your home in the summer, making your home more comfortable and lowering your bills at the same time.


3. Steel reinforcement inside your frames and sashes prevent windows and doors from warping


4. UPVC windows rather than PVC vinyl keeps your new home windows and doors from discoloration and flaking.


5. Condensation between the two panes of glass for dual-pane windows and doors is no longer a possibility.


6. Your new replacement windows won’t get stuck.


7. A warranty the company ACTUALLY stands behind.